A quick survey on GTG + barriers to greater sustainability in games

A surveyors device on a tripod in a lush green field of rolling hills, trees in the background, at dusk.
Photo by Valerie V / Unsplash

A short one this week as life, once again, has gotten in the way of longer writing.

Incidentally – if you know anyone looking to buy a really nice, beautiful old house in Western Sydney, you know how to reach me

I've been meaning to do a survey of GTG readers for a while, because there's things that subscriber analytics definitely don't capture. I'm interested in your views on a few things about GTG itself, helping me to find out what's most useful and engaging to you.

But I am also interested in what you see as the biggest barriers to faster game industry decarbonisation. Many GTGs readers are at the coalface (pardon the pun) of this transition, with a clearer, more hands-on understanding of what the barriers are in your own organisations. I have my own theories, and some of the options I've listed are informed by conversations with some of you, but I want to know what else I haven't considered, and what the collective experience tells us as well. I'm interested in how widespread certain issues like budgets and finance are, whether you're worried about gamer blowback, access to accurate data, or whether its policy and government decisions you think are holding things back. Perhaps it's something else entirely. Let me know in the survey below.

I'll publish aggregate results in a couple of weeks once we've gotten a solid response, so you'll be able to see whether the issues you have are also being had by others. It's all anonymous unless you want to write about yourself or your situation specifically – in which case please keep in mind that I may want to share excerpts. I am also super aware that game devs (and ESG professionals in games as well) work extremely hard, and are often extremely time-poor, so I've kept it as short as possible.

An embedded version is below, if your email supports iframes, but if it doesn't appear, visit the post itself or go to the the survey directly here. I would be deeply gratefull if you filled it out so we can find out together what the big issues are.

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think.