Announcement: Looking for work on new projects

This is Ben Abraham – author of GTG and keeper of chickens

Hello, this is not your typical GTG post, but I wanted to get the word out to subscribers and their networks that I am currently looking for work and have plenty of capacity for new projects. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a few potential projects not come through so I’m now in a position where I need some new work to come in to help keep a roof over my head.

My background is in research, having spent the last several years completing the first comprehensive analysis of the game industry’s carbon footprint and the sustainability challenges facing it in a warming world. I have been a University lecturer and sustainability consultant to technology companies big and small, from working with Paper House in Melbourne to consulting with Intel on the big-picture challenges for sustainable computing. I’ve done research identifying the presence of conflict minerals in computing devices, developed policy proposals to reduce plastic waste ending up in landfill, and developed methods for calculating the energy consumption and emissions of different digital devices. More of my experience is listed on my LinkedIn.

Perhaps you or someone you know might benefit from lifecycle assessment research on a product or service to identify emissions reductions. Or perhaps you have a business, studio, or a contact in your professional network unsure about how to develop their corporate ESG strategy, or looking for help with your annual reporting for the upcoming EoFY. Perhaps you have a team or team member who could use a crash-course on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to enable them to take on greater reporting responsibilities with confidence, accuracy and rigour – avoiding the pitfalls I identified in earlier GTG posts. Maybe you could use someone with the kind of multi-disciplinary background like mine who can talk to coders, gamers, game developers, journalists, and the public, and translate sustainability goals into language they understand and can act on. More likely though is that you already have some sustainability or climate oriented project, goal or ambition that I haven’t mentioned here.

If you think there’s any chance that project might benefit from my involvement, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, send me a DM on twitter, or connect me with someone you think I should speak to.

Longer term, I would love to be able to spend more of my time on this newsletter, and GTG supporters are actively helping make that a reality. You can subscribe to the newsletter for just a few dollars a month or for one-off annual amount that comes with a bit of a discount.

Spreading the word about Greening The Games Industry also helps immensely, and I would love it if you shared this post with your networks to help get it out there.